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"Trauma healing, therapist training, speaking engagements, private appointments, crisis management, organizational consulting, and elite development."

Steve Hoskinson

Real growth and change happens at the level of physiology:

  • Enhanced mental and physical performance
  • Decreased “drag” of chronic stress and anxiety
  • Recovery from accidents, injury, and traumatic stress

Completely new tools for real human development and change can be learned by individuals and organizations.

  • The systematic application of attention can alter physiological feedback systems that change the way everything works
  • Our method increases our organic capacity to live vibrantly in the “here and now”

Do you want real human development for yourself, your leaders and your organization?

Hoskinson Consulting has a proven record of teaching the tools for human development.

Up Coming Events: (click here to view all future events)
 Event Date   Title    Location 
Aug 31, 2016 HEART 3 Hawaii Honolulu
Nov 04, 2016 Multiple Trauma Vortex TBT
San Diego
Nov 13, 2016 HEART 1 Istanbul Istanbul
Dec 01, 2016 HEART 2 Tucson COD Ranch
Jan 18, 2017 HEART 2 Burlingame Mercy Center
Mar 03, 2017 OI Work With Children Marina Village
San Diego

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